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Full Keyboard Controller and long press on Windows 8.1 + Kodi


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Hello I got a Flirc recently and I setup my Inteset INT- 422 remote control using Full Keyboard controller under Flirc GUI v1.4.0 with firmware v3.7 on Windows 8.1 x64 to use with Kodi 15.2

I've been trying to use long press in different ways but non of them were successful or sometimes it would send both key actions at the same time.

So I'm here to ask if the following case scenarios are possible at all, and if so how? what third party software will I need?

1. Use the DISPLAY button in my remote to:

Single press: open global search in Kodi (using "RunScript(script.globalsearch)" in keyboard.xml)

Long press: open windows search panel (Win+q)

I would like the remote to interact with widows to open the start screen, search panel,etc apart of Kodi.

2. Use the SQUARE button at the bottom of my remote to:

Single press: run Update Library (using "UpdateLibrary(video,,true)" in keyboard.xml)

Long press: run Clean Library (using "CleanLibrary(video,true)" in keyboard. xml)

Right now I have set Clean Library and Update Library to different specific buttons and they work as expected BUT I would like to extend the usability of my remote by re-using the buttons so I can have 2 key actions in each button of my remote.

If you have similar case scenarios working in you setup PLEASE share how to do it. I've already tried different ways but maybe I'm missing something or a third party software.

This is my remote:


T.I.A (Thanks In Advance)


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Do these keys support long press on the remote themselves (e.g. the remote can send codes for different functions on short and long presses)? If yes, then you should be able to do that, if not then Flirc itself won't be enough as it doesn't support assigning something else to long press of a button. In the latter case you could use some automation software to extend Flirc's operation. I used to be using EventGhost to do that, but there's also AHK (AutoHotKey). I'm not using it anymore as my remote has modified firmware and allows me to use both shifted keys and long press keys on almost any key on the remote so I can triple or even quadruple the number of keys on it.

If you decide to use some automation software I can fully recommend EventGhost as you can achieve fairly advanced functionality by defining action trees and it's all in the GUI. For example you can use a plugin that recognize what software is running in focus and enable only an action tree branch with actions for this software and disable others. That way you can reuse the keys on the remote to control any software, not only Kodi. There's also an action for long press so it passes through the control to next action if it's a short press but if it's a long one then it redirects to the action of your choosing.

On the other hand AHK uses a scripting language so it can be even more advanced, but you need to program your logic yourself.

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So my huntch was right, EventGhost it is. Thank you! I'll give it a go and report back how it went.

By the way I red in one of your post about trying Samsung TV and others that I forgot codes for Universal remotes. Can you please let me know what other codes to try, T.I.A.

I used code 01877 (posted by a user) in my Inteset remote to use with FLIRC but I want to test other codes to verify if I can long press or not with this remote. 

With the code mentioned I can have Volume Up and Down long press so far, that's how I tested long press lol but I have to figure it out for the rest of the buttons.

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There are two different things hiding under the term "long press".

One thing is a long press to repeat and this is supported. As long as you hold a button on the remote Flirc should simulate holding a keyboard key (or combo) pressed. That is why you can use arrow keys on the remote to quickly browse a list just by holding the key. As Flirc works as a keyboard, you can use key repeat settings in the OS to optimize it for yourself.

Second thing is support for two or more functions per remote button depending on how long you hold the button. Right now this is not supported by Flirc itself.

As for the setup codes I won't be able to help you with that as I don't have Inteset remote and can't test any codes myself. My remote uses different codes (and most remote models have model specific code books). Just test some top brands like Samsung, LG, Sony etc. I've been using LG remote with Flirc without any problems.

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