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  1. Thats ok , just checkin in. Take your time
  2. Not sure because I got the Flirc recently and I started the setup with firmware version 3.6 with GUI v1.4.0,right now I'm on gui 1.4.1 with firmware 3.7 and same thing. Also haven't found a thread with a user stating a specific version work/worked better with the Inteset remote. But I've read threads where mention FIRMWARE version 2.2, 2.3.6, 2.6, 3.1, 3.3 But if I can try all from v2.2 to 3.4 would be great. T.I.A
  3. I know that for Downgrade I need to contact Jason which I already did on January 25th via PM and via Contact form at the bottom of this page but haven't got a reply. That is why I'm posting here as well. Hi, made a video explaining the issues I'm having with flirc and my Inteset INT-422 remote. I would like to downgrade to old firmware. Hope I can test different versions so I can hopefully find one that works best with my setup, I can also help troubleshooting. Even when I sit on my couch 2 meters away with direct line of sight to the flirc, browsing thru lists, etc is not snappy and goes in sequence (you can hear the irregular key presses). I don't want to have to struggle with remote position to use it. BTW i have inter-key-delay set to 5 Don't know how else to explain and sorry for my English is not my native language, haven't practiced lately. Inteset INT-422 URC + Flirc issues: http://youtu.be/n9EgfCCsZrA Thank you in advance! Forgot to mention I use device code 01877 (for cable boxes). I've tried several others Eather for TV brands, streaming devices, sat boxes but 01877 is the only one that activates ALL keys in the remote. Also page http://downloads.flirc.tv/release/gui/ has been down for a while. I really want to try old firmware and hopefully solve the small but annoying problems with the Flirc.
  4. Hi, im having The same issue + other 2. I've spent days reading and troubleshooting but still the same. BTW that page http://downloads.flirc.tv/release/gui/ its been down for a while. Cant find old Flirc builds to test, i want to downgrade. @Jason I wrote you a pm and via Contact at the bottom of this page. Please reply.
  5. Hi, you could try something like this , for the ones that don't have a Harmony remote just skip to step 3.
  6. So my huntch was right, EventGhost it is. Thank you! I'll give it a go and report back how it went. By the way I red in one of your post about trying Samsung TV and others that I forgot codes for Universal remotes. Can you please let me know what other codes to try, T.I.A. I used code 01877 (posted by a user) in my Inteset remote to use with FLIRC but I want to test other codes to verify if I can long press or not with this remote. With the code mentioned I can have Volume Up and Down long press so far, that's how I tested long press lol but I have to figure it out for the rest of the buttons.
  7. Hello I got a Flirc recently and I setup my Inteset INT- 422 remote control using Full Keyboard controller under Flirc GUI v1.4.0 with firmware v3.7 on Windows 8.1 x64 to use with Kodi 15.2 I've been trying to use long press in different ways but non of them were successful or sometimes it would send both key actions at the same time. So I'm here to ask if the following case scenarios are possible at all, and if so how? what third party software will I need? 1. Use the DISPLAY button in my remote to: Single press: open global search in Kodi (using "RunScript(script.globalsearch)" in keyboard.xml) Long press: open windows search panel (Win+q) I would like the remote to interact with widows to open the start screen, search panel,etc apart of Kodi. 2. Use the SQUARE button at the bottom of my remote to: Single press: run Update Library (using "UpdateLibrary(video,,true)" in keyboard.xml) Long press: run Clean Library (using "CleanLibrary(video,true)" in keyboard. xml) Right now I have set Clean Library and Update Library to different specific buttons and they work as expected BUT I would like to extend the usability of my remote by re-using the buttons so I can have 2 key actions in each button of my remote. If you have similar case scenarios working in you setup PLEASE share how to do it. I've already tried different ways but maybe I'm missing something or a third party software. This is my remote: T.I.A (Thanks In Advance)
  8. Thanks the remote code 01877 works great, the only problem is that the |<-- and the o buttons are somehow conected because when pressed they do the same (take the last recorded key) e.g: if I map "," to |<-- button and then "o" to the o button to use in Kodi, when pressed each of them will send "o" to Kodi. I'll test other codes for Samsung TV and DirectTV, if I find a better code then I'll come back and post it up in here.
  9. Open Flirc GUI > File > Advanced > change Inter Key Delay to 5 or 6. The latest firmware as of today is version 3.7
  10. Are you using Windows Media Controller? If so try with Full Keyboard Controller. You can also try to "erase" a key button on your remote before "record"
  11. Thanks for letting others know! (sarcasm) For the ones that want to accomplish this you need to record Ctrl+ESC to a button in your remote. You can try it with any keyboard on windows 7/8/8.1/10 press Ctrl+ESC and the Windows Start screen will open. Your welcome!
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