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controlling regular TV + kodi in same time


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Hello, recently i set up my Rpi2 with kodi. For control i want use my flirc. My TV have CEC support but i disabled CEC in TV as i feel flirc is faster. (using panasonic ST60 TV)

how can i use flirc(pi2) and my regular TV(DVB-T) together if in same time?. flirc(Pi2) and TV receiving remote control inputs so i actually controlling two devices in same time (as they are close together)?

Im inexperienced so sorry if i missing easy workaround here. Still figuring out HTPCs.

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If you use your TV's remote then there's no way to define when you're controlling Kodi and when your TV. For example when you're watching TV and press buttons on the remote then your Kodi will also react in the background. You can for example start playing a movie by accident or even delete something or change some settings.

When using Kodi then your TV will also receive the signal and some keys might cause some pop ups on the TV you probably don't want.

Long story short, I think using such setup is just asking for troubles.

If you don't want to have separate remotes for Kodi and TV then maybe you should look for some universal remote.

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