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Suggestions for mounting IR receiver on Pi2?


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I recently set up a Flirc IR receiver on my Pi2 running Openelec+Kodi.   It's fantasic, by the way..      I've been through the Linux, lirc, keymap, MythTV configuration dance many times over the years, so I really appreciate the simplicity of Flirc.

Anyway, it's working well, but on the Pi all the ports are on one side of the device - meaning the ethernet and flickering light faces the same way the IR receiver does.  Cable routing is also sub-optimal.  I know I can get a basic USB extension to place the IR receiver elsewhere.   But, I'm wondering if you guys have any more elegant solutions.   For example, a case that incorporates the IR receiver.   Or, maybe a bracket that lets me plug into the USB port on one side then face the IR the opposite direction.   I searched around and came up empty..  any recommendations from those who have been using Flirc a lot longer than me?

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Flirc is very sensitive. You don't need it pointed in the direction where you sit with your remote. I have my RPi2 with Flirc hidden behind the TV (the TV is hanging on the wall, the RPi is mounted on the back of the TV) and I don't have any problems with IR signal reception.

You can also just cover the LEDs :).

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