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ok so maybe I am crazy. I just bought a flirc and I am trying to set it up for the newest Fire TV 2015. I don't know if maybe the gui only supports the old 2014 Fire TV or something but I can not get it to work on the new Fire TV.

I downloaded the newest flirc software, I updated the firmware and then reconfigured the buttons in preset Fire TV. I am using this with my inteset 4-in-one remote if it makes a difference. I tested it on my computer and flirc worked great but on the Amazon Fire TV when I plug it in it does not do anything. Am I missing something?

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For those getting no response at all read below:


Looking through pages and pages of fantastic documentation and i basically had the same issue with my harmony 700 remote, no response no matter what setting i selected. It turned out to be that I had debugging turned ON for the USB device on the AFTV. That pretty much disables the USB port on your AFTV device. 


I'm still getting the occasional repeats (up/down) but that's manageable for me.

Well I found the problem. This post had exactly what was happening with me. Hopefully it helps others. Thank you erros007!

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