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Flirc USB not responding to inputs in GUI


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 I was excited to receive my Flirc USB yesterday, but so far have not been able to program any keys from my keyboard or  remote buttons with the GUI ( FW 3.6) on my Macbook. The GUI shows me as connected, but there is no response to any input. I did a forced update on the firmware, but to no avail. I´m at loss as how to proceed. 

My aim is to control Plex Media Player on my Mac Mini and Harmony Hub with this guide- https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5w56J9sUmBORHljR0FnZjQ5dGM/view?usp=sharing, but so far no luck .

Hope someone can help me out here.

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The guide you've linked to is not very good. I would probably have problems with setting it up using this guide myself. So just forget about it for a moment.

What keyboard layout are you using? Can I assume it's not US keyboard? If I'm right then go to Advanced options (in File menu in Flirc GUI) and turn off built-in profiles because they are working properly only with US compatible layouts (the problem is with location of "-", "+" and few other keys on the keyboard). Disabling built-in profiles means that even when you choose Flirc/Kodi profile in Harmony it won't work out of the box (but it usually doesn't work properly with non US keyboard layouts anyway).

You can select Flirc/Kodi profile in Harmony but you're not required to do so. You can try with a profile for some TV (good choices are LG or Samsung for example) - you just need to select something different than you have at home (so don't use Samsung TV profile if you have one).

To program a key (for example some letter) in Flirc you need to click this key in the GUI. If you need a modifier like Shift, Command etc you press the modifier first and then the key. The application will ask you to press a button on the remote. The message will disappear when the IR signal is received.

You can do a test and record few letter keys and then open a text editor and press the buttons on the remote. You should be able to type in the editor using keys you've recorded.

Please try above and let me know if it works up to this point. If it's OK then I'll try to explain how to proceed further.

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Hi yawor,

You are a godsend! You´re assumption that I am not on a US keyboard is correct.  I have now succeeded in getting the Flirc GUI to respond to my Harmony remote, but this only gives me the directional inputs, enter and back commands ( still using the Flirc/Kodi device in Harmony ). I can not get Flirc to respond to my keyboard however... . So then, what remains is for me to be able to launch Plex Media Player and enter more commands. Any familiarity with this or suggestions how I should proceed ? Thanks again.

Update: I´m learning slowly as I go along...very slowly. I am still using the Kodi profile and have been able to map additional keys , but I can not figure out how to launch Plex Media Player. Nowhere in Harmony do I find : 

  • After you have done that you can go into "Buttons" and choose your "Watch Plex Media Player" activity.
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I'm sorry. I can't help you with Harmony specifics as I don't have one myself. I can only help you with Flirc part.

I don't understand what you mean by saying:

I can not get Flirc to respond to my keyboard however... .

Can you elaborate what exactly you want to do with a keyboard?

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Sorry. Just a lapse of reason. After several hours of trial and error I became a bit dazed ;) 

I can´t help wondering if I really need the Harmony anymore at this point as it seems superfluous for my use, which is simply to control Plex Media Player on my Mac Mini. 

Do you have any idea how I can launch Plex Media Player on my Mac Mini from my remote if I eliminate the Harmony ?




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I've never used Mac so I don't know what abilities the system has. Basically you need something in the OS to launch an app by a keyboard shortcut. If you are able to assign a shortcut to an app launcher then record this shortcut. So for example if you assign a shortcut command + shift + P (just an example, I don't know if you can do that) to launch the Plex then in Flirc GUI in Full Keyboard view (controller) press shift, command and P and then a button on a remote you want to launch Plex.

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