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question regarding loss of power


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First post, so be kind, lol.  I have several flircs (4 of them) attached to several different PC's.  What I have discovered is that if I shutdown a given PC and disconnect its power, upon computer restart, the flircs do not function unless I first startup the flirc software and allow the firmware to be updated AGAIN.  If I just shutdown the PC, no problem (because the PC is still drawing some power while in the off state).  But if the power is completely disconnected, then this issue is occurring. 

Question 1 - is this the expected behavior of the Flirc?

Question2 - if so, is there a fix for this?

Thanks in advance

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It is certainly not an expected behavior. Flirc doesn't need to be powered to retain its configuration or firmware as it is flash/eeprom based. Does this happen with every single Flirc on all your PCs?

If you could do a few tests please try these scenarios:

1. Turn off the PC, unplug Flirc, unplug the power, plug the power back, plug the Flirc back, turn on the PC.
2. Turn off the PC, unplug Flirc, unplug the power, plug the Flirc back, plug the power back, turn on the PC.
3. Turn off the PC, unplug the power, unplug Flirc, plug the power back, plug the Flirc back, turn on the PC.

These scenarios differ only in the order of unplugging and plugging back the power and Flirc. After each test check if Flirc works or does it require to be reflashed again.

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yawor, Thanks for responding!

Yes, it happens with every flirc (5 of them) on 5 different PC's - All core 2 duo PC's some Dell, some custom made, all running Windows 10.

Case 1: firmware required re-flash

Case 2: worked without reflash

Case 3: worked without reflash

Test PC - Dell Optiplex 755, running Intel E8400, W10

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To be honest it doesn't make any sense to me. I've thought that either case 2 or 3 would require a reflash, not case 1. If there's some voltage issue on the USB port when the power is plugged or unplugged from the PC then in case 1 there's no way it would affect Flirc as it is unplugged when these would occur

Do you have all your PCs properly grounded? There were some cases where the hardware hasn't had a proper ground connection in the mains power connection and Flirc misbehaved.

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I haven't tried it yet on my PC but I unplug the power from my RPi2 setup from time to time and there has never been a problem with this. Currently I don't use any of my Flircs with a PC but I should be able to do some tests in the following days. I don't think that I'll have similar behavior you see with your units though as I don't remember having such problems when I've used Flirc with PC and I'm fairly sure that there were times when I've unplugged the power from the PC and I didn't have to reflash Flirc afterwards.

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