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FLIRC-SE on the way ... preempting questions!


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Hi all .... 

So .. i'm new to FLIRC .. but not new to HTPCs (and building PCs in general) .. i've also read a lot about FLIRC.

Anyway .. i'm changing my current HTPC setup, but am keeping my streacom case - i've ordered an FLIRC-SE which will be replacing streacom's IR header ... one very important feature for me is the ability to power on the PC via remote (specifically a harmony ultimate & hub).

So - having read quite a bit on FLIRC i was planning the following:

  1. mobo to have USB power on stand by enabled
  2. upgrade FLIRC-SE to latest fw and make sure internal profiles are enabled
  3. add FLIRC/KODI device to harmony

So ... in theory that should already give me 99% of functionality (right?!) ... what i'm not sure on is powering on - the FLIRC/KODI profile doesn't seem to include a PowerON command (PowerOFF is present) ... do I need to program a PowerON button myself? If I understood correctly - if I don't do that any IR signal will turn the PC on ... or is it any button from FLIRC/KODI profile? That might be acceptable.

Cheers all!

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There are two different "power on" options with Flirc-SE. One is an USB wake up (which is also available in normal Flirc) and the second is a hardware power on switch (uses power on button header on the mobo). Now the first one behaves like you've said. Any button known to Flirc will wake up the PC unless the wake key is programmed. On the other hand the power on button doesn't work like that. You need to specifically record it. I don't know if it's already been added to the GUI so you probably need to record the key using flirc-util command line utility.

I won't help you with Harmony side though because I don't have nor use one. You probably can add extra keys in some ways to work as a Power On button.

One thing you need to remember is that the power on button is not stateful right now. If you press the button associated with this function it will trigger power button switch when the power is off but also when it is on which, depending on your power configuration, can turn the PC off or put it into sleep.

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Hi - thank you for the reply.

Yeah ... what i was going for is the mobo power header option ... I don't think having a stateless power button matter really - it will act as a power toggle; I'm assuming I should get openelec to carryout shutdown when power button is pressed.

I guess I'll have to wait and see what happens when all is assembled!

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