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 I have two Flirc's purchased at the same time (firmware version 1.3.6) on two Openelec/Kodi boxes and Logitech 650 remotes. The one system is an Asus Chromebox  and has had a lag issue with key presses since I installed the Flirc. It's really noticeable with movie and program guide data where a long key press should quickly scroll through the list but instead go slowly one line at a time. Since that system is on my bride's TV, I've ignored it until the complaints got louder! I originally thought it was a Chromebox or Kodi issue, but finally tried swapping the Flirc's between systems and found the problem follows the one Flirc (remotes didn't get swapped so they aren't the problem). I've tried clearing the config, played with the inter key delay, and even forced a firmware upgrade with no success. At this point I think I have a bad Flirc unless anyone has any ideas what to try?



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