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Will Flirc send commands to Kodi when not in focus?


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I'd like to buy a Flirc for my PC which is connected to the TV, but I'm not sure if it'll work for my use case. My main PC is connected to the TV via HDMI. Kodi is used as a TV front end so it's often in use by people even when I'm using the desktop for other things. 

Will flirc be able to send commands to Kodi while something else, like a game or web browser, has focus in Windows on another display? I'm planning on using it with a Harmony 510 if there's anything different about the Harmony profile that matters.

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No. At least not alone. Flirc works as a keyboard so it sends keystrokes to the app in focus. Windows doesn't allow you to assign a specific keyboard to a specifc app.

You could do this using some 3rd party software like AutoHotKey or EventGhots. If you search on the forum you'll find my thread about using Flirc as a Generic HID device in EventGhost. That way Flirc doesn't send standard keyboard key codes and you can intercept them using EventGhost and control Kodi using XBMC/Kodi plugin.

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Thanks for the response. I sort of assumed the answer would be along these lines but was hoping with its popularity with Kodi users it might be sending non-keyboard media commands. 

I'll look into those solutions you mentioned. I'm already somewhat familiar with using AutoHotkey for this sort of thing so I may go that route.

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