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Issues with built-in Fire TV profile, and some questions ...


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this is my first post, and it should definitely start with a big hurray to Flirc and it's developer(s?) as my Harmony One is finally able to control my recently purchased Fire TV, thanks to this little fellow! :wub:

This said, as I'm new to Flirc, I encountered some problems, raising the following questions:

1) I can remap the commands of a selected profile regardless of whether 'Builtin profiles' is ticked or not. So what's the difference? Finally figured it out myself. Unticking 'Builtin profiles' disables the unmodified pre-mapped commands. Not sure what this is good for though ...

2) I understand that the Inter-key delay determines how long Flirc waits before sending the next keystroke to the device. But what about IR signals receivced in the meantime? Do the corresponding keystrokes become discarded? Or queued? It's hard to tell just by looking at the screen... :wacko:

3) No big deal, but with "Back" and "Channel prev" the AFTV profile holds two commands which utter the same keystroke, for no obvious reason...?

4) With AFTV's original remote, keeping the home key pressed for a few seconds a menu appears which provides three useful shortcuts: putting the device to sleep, screen mirroring, and settings. This long press-function is unfortunately not supported by the Home command of Flircs AFTV profile. However during testing I discovered it somewhere else. Unfortunately I removed the command at some point, and now I'm unable to relocate it. So I need some help here...  Yes! I rediscovered it! Clearing the configuration made the PowerDn-Button of the Kodi profile work the way I remembered. Now the mapped Ctrl+F12 key-down events become constantly fired until the button on the remote is released, making it work exactly like AFTVs own home key!! As far as I understand this specific behaviour is hardcoded into the Flirc firmware, and can't be manually imported into the AFTV profile. So please fix this!! :wub:

5) The AFTV profile definitely lacks any dedicated wake up/sleep command! For waking up the device, it seems just about any keystroke can be send to the device, so finding one which Fire TV doesn't process any further should be easy. However, It's not that easy to map the keystroke to an additional ir signal if you don't have some otherwise useless remote control flying around somewhere in your home. Same applies to the missing sleep command of course. This is why it should be provided by the profile. This is something essential IMHO.

6) Speaking about the sleep command, I added (well, had to add...) the Wake/Suspend command provided by Flirc's Media Keys controller to the AFTV profile. On leaving the AFTV activity it puts my box to sleep. Works fine, however, since it's a toggle it's somewhat unreliable. Does anyone know if there's a dedicated keystroke that puts the AFTV to sleep, without the risk to wake it up instead?

6b) If the answer is no, is it possible to detect the active/standby state of the Fire TV box instead? Because this could be used to make the power on/off toggle split into two seperate dedicated buttons, which would be awesome!.

Thank you for any replies!! :)

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