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Editing profile, command key, Kodi


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I use a Harmony Hub remote. I have a PC running Windows 8.1 and it has Kodi and Plex and other programs on it. It has an FLIRC plugged in. The remote controls other media players, an ATV, Mac Mini and a NUC PC also running Win8.1 with an MCE receiver.

I used the XBMC profile in the My Harmony app ( manufacturer FLIRC). The problem is I would like to add some commands that are not in the XBMC profile. I know how to reassign button commands. For example, suppose I wanted to assign the Command (Windows) key to a button. Somehow I would have to get that button learned. I assume this would be done both by the Harmony and by the FLIRC software?

Can the built in profiles in the FLIRC firmware be modified and saved as a different profile ( so as not to wreck the built in profiles)? How?

Can I use the Windows command from an MCE Remote to teach FLIRC that command? If I then use it will there be a conflict with the FLIRC computer and the MCE NUC?


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You can always record new keys in Flirc GUI if you have enough space in Flirc EEPROM. It can store almost 200 keys (built-in profiles don't count into the limit). You can use built-in profile and record extra keys or you can disable built-in profiles and record all the buttons from the start. That way you have more control.


I would not recommend using MCE remote for any key, not only Windows one. Also there is a problem with Windows key because you can't assign anything to just Windows key in the GUI because Windows key is a modifier and it can be only used with some other non-modifier key. You would need to use Flirc command line tool for that. I've described it sometime ago so you should be able to find it using forum search function.

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Thanks, I found the cli command for just the windows key. The thing that is confusing me is that I have used a Smart Control Harmony ( with the hub) and made an XBMC media player using the FLIRC profile in the My Harmony database. This does not leave a whole lot of active buttons on the remote. Not all buttons will be active. In order to record a new key in FLIRC don't I need to use a remote that has active buttons?

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Yes, you need to have some extra active buttons that are not yet mapped in the built-in profile. I won't help you with that because I don't use Logitech remotes at all. If you don't need all the keys from the built-in profile then you can always turn the built-in profiles off and then map all the keys yourself the way you want them to be mapped.

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