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Mapping basic Ouya controls with Harmony Touch one Remote using Flirc


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OK, so I use my Ouya for showbox and Spotify (not xbmc) so I really don't care about mapping buttons to that. The only functions that I need are:










Ouya Menu button (single press and double press)


I bought a remote on amazon (see attached file) (cannot get file to upload but it is under 500kb??) and noticed that when I press the Movie button it opens Spotify which I would love to somehow map to the harmony. Also is there a way to map a button to the "search" in Showbox (as it's always in the upper left corner)?


*NOTE: I have mapped the directions on the harmony remote but for each time I press in a direction it moves 3-4 times in that direction. I can't just move any direction once. 


Which controller in the Flirc settings do I need to map the buttons in? Can you use more than one controller in the Flirc settings for one remote (for example: fire tv and windows media)


I am currently using TV launcher and a 4 port usb 3.0 hub attached to the Ouya (will that cause the directions problem that I am experiencing)? And Ouya is currently Rooted. 


**EDIT** I have since fixed the directional problem.



When I am in Show box up and down are seen by the Ouya as page up and page down. I can't seem to get it to click on any movie or scroll over to tv shows or my library. 





I've tried this http://www.peterfranssen.de/2013/08/04/getting-flirc-to-work-with-ouya-and-xbmc/     and its just really confusing to me. I can't find anything on my windows pc. I am much more familiar and competent with mac. Any help would be great.




I basically am trying to achieve the attached file image (ugh, i do don't understand why I am not able to attach any files. it keeps saying "Error No file was selected for upload) but with directions arrows as well. There must be an easier method or explanation on how to get this working. Thank you so much for the help!

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