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[solved]flirc disconnected, drivers not installed, win7


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I ordered flirc because I've heard a lot of positive things about it. Got it today. Unfortunately I'm having many issues.


First, flirc software (1.3.6) asks to connect flirc despite the fact that flirc is connected. I tried it on two different pc's and in several usb ports. I installed flirc as admin.


Win 7 (64) says that there's something wrong with the drivers. See jpegs below.






motherboards of my two pc's are asrock h77m and asus p5q pro. I updated the usb drivers of asrock motherboard but that didn't do the trick.


Despite of those issues, flirc dongle seems to be receiving data since I can control kodi with harmony remote. I have harmony ultimate and I added a device in myharmony profile (manufacturer as "flirc" and model as "xbmc"), clickd next next next... and updated remote. But using flirc is horrible. It's very laggy, it takes like a second to respond and if I push for instance three times button "left", flirc receives at least 6 repeats.


Any ideas what could be done? Thank you for your help in advance.


EDIT I tried to install new firmware from gui but gui didn't allow me to do that. All options are grey and not accessible:



EDIT2 Now i noticed that if flirc dongle is in usb port, gui crashes when trying to quit from gui.

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Thank you, yes thank you! Now it's connected. Let's see if it actully works.


If anyone else is struggling with the same issue this is what I did: installed 1.3.7 gui as PeteNelis suggested. After that I manually tried to install drivers https://flirc.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/200984473. With 1.3.6 I couldn't install drivers, not manually or automatically but with 1.3.7 I could. Then I opened flirc gui and it asked me if I wanted to update firmware. I updated and vola, flirc was connected.



Edit: just wanted to say that flirc is fantastic! Now when gui is functioning, everything works like a charm! I'm very happy that I purchased the product.

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