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flirc+kodi+harmony = no response


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I just finished my new to me media center build.  The ultimate problem is that over time my Harmony remote no longer controls Kodi.


The setup

Windows 8.1 (dual monitor - display and TV)

Harmony 650

Flirc driver

Kodi 14.2 Helix stable


My computer and display is in the basement, TV is "second display" upstairs with IR extender.  The IR emitter is electrical taped to the back of the flirc.  When I start Kodi, flirc and the harmony remote work great.  When I hit the "power off" button, TV, HDMI switcher, and stereo turn off, my computer stays on.  When I power everything back on perhaps the next day, hardware comes on but the harmony remote does not respond to any button push in Kodi.  I have an app on my phone that controls Kodi even when the harmony remote does not.  I can restart the Kodi program and the remote works again right away.  I was running under the suspicion that it was a USB2 vs a USB3 issue where I had the flirc plugged in, but that does not seem to be the case.


Since the app can still operate Kodi, I don't think it is sleeping.  I am not sure if Windows is dropping the USB signal but it shouldn't since it doesn't drop my mouse or keyboard.  To me, Flirc is kind of the glue holding it all together so I came here looking for help.  Of all the places I figure this is where people might have the most similar set up as I do.  Does anyone have any advice?


Thank you

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I have very similar issue, my FLIRC-SE stops responding to signals when I leave it idle with monitor sleeping. When I press button on remote it responds to first signal and immediately becomes non reasponsive for several minutes. After that it works flawlessly until I leave it idle again with monitor sleeping.

I've made sure that windows or bios cannot suspend USB or cut power to it, nothing helped...

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So I might have stumbled onto something.  I can't help Baron as I turn my TV off instead of sleep.  I'm wondering if anyone else has a similar configuration and install Kore, the android remote control for Kodi.  I'm starting to notice if Kore last ran Kodi the harmony remote won't respond until Kodi is closed.  Untested if I have to unplug the flirc.  Can anyone else confirm?  I only noticed this today so time will have to be the real test

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I never had this kind of problems with flirc and are using a similar setup (but with Win 7 as Win 8.1 sucks...)


Have you verified if the keypresses are recongized in any other program when it stops working in Kodi? For troubleshooting you could install Eventghost and track all keypresses (using log all events)

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