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Mapping windows key with Harmony 650 while using the XBMC (from harmony) profile


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Title says it all, I am trying to map my menu button (which is unmapped in the XBMC profile from harmony) to the windows key via the Flirc GUI and I am getting no response from the GUI when I press that button. 


Thinking that perhaps since it wasn't mapped in the XBMC profile it might not be sending a signal at all, so I went and added a mapping to that menu button for something I would never really use (aspect ratio change, if I remember correctly) 


Still no dice. Is there a trick to mapping the windows key that I am not aware of (or some requirement?) - this is the last bit of setup that I need to call my new HTPC box complete. 


I am on the latest firmware and GUI, as this is a link to my remote 


Windows 8.1 with media center is my OS

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Do I understand correctly that you want to map just the Windows key to some button on the remote?


You can't do that using the GUI because the Windows key is a modifier key like Shift, Ctrl and Alt keys. The GUI expects that the modifier keys are used with some non-modifier key (so you first click on the desired modifiers and then on the key you want for example ctrl + a). You need to use flirc_util (command line utility):

flirc_util.exe record_api 8 0

This will record a HID code 0 (which indicates that no button has been pressed) with Left Win key as a modifier. I've tested this and it works.

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Thanks yawor, so as I understand it correctly, I run the syntax from the utility in cmd, and that will set it so I can map the left win key as if it was a regular key?

I found the other thread where this syntax was brought up by Jason, was just hoping by now the stance on the windows key being just a modifier would have changed, oh well this seems easy enough.

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