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Flirc programs fine, doesn't do anything else.


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I've searched the form, and the internet, and I've seen it touched on but no solution given. So if anyone can help me, that'd be great! I am running GIU 1.3.6, and FW 3.6. I can program the keys, but switch to Plex or WMC and it doesn't do anything. Am I missing something here? Thanks in advance for any help.

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Try plugging it to different USB port. There's sometimes a strange Windows error where the keyboard part of the Flirc stops working on current port. I think it is somehow connected to installing new version of Flirc software when Flirc is plugged in. So next time you install newer version unplug Flirc first. I don't know if it helps for sure but was working for me so far.

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