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Erratic action from one remote


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I am setting this up on a Win7 PC for use on a Pi running Rasplex. Most remotes will program and work well, but one behaves very oddly. During programming it will sometimes come up with the key exists already message. It seemed to program OK if held not near the flirc though. However, when I try to get it to control Plex home theater on either the PC or Pi the buttons misbehave. Up will go up and down the menu with alternate presses, back should keep going backwards through the menu system but toggles between bavk and forward. Left and right up and down are intermittant as are most of the keys. 


As I say, other remotes no problem but this one is a right pain. Annoying as it was purchased for this purpose. Any suggestions please? The remote is the one in the link below.




Maybe I should add that this is an RC6 remote? I gather there are some issues???

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