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I am new to the forums and have questions before making the plunge into Flirc. I have a dedicated theater room with multiple device controlled with my Harmony remote.

I have a Lutron Grafik Eye 3 zone light controller. Problem is, I have a 4th zone (black lights) that I have installed. The only way I can think of controlling it separately from the other zones is by a Zwave switch.

Unfortunately, I cant seem to get all my devices working in tandem with each other. I have tried Event Ghost, but for some reason the button presses for the Lutron controller are not sensed. Therefore I can not bind them to other events.

Will Flirc help me in my situation, or am I destined to aimlessly search the internet for other ways for it NOT to work. Does Flirc communicate with Micasa Verde Vera Lite Zwave controllers, and can I bind commands to Lutron scenes??

Thank you for your help.

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Basically Flirc is an infrared signal receiver and acts as an USB keyboard.


If you use IR remote control and have a device which can be controller by USB keyboard then it SHOULD work, but there is always some risk that it won't. It works with PC/Mac based systems and some embedded devices like AndroidTV, FireTV, Raspberry Pi etc. There are also known problems with some devices like ChromeBooks/Boxes (in developer mode or something, where you can switch OS at boot).


I don't have a slightest idea about your hardware, but I know that Zwave is an RF protocol and Flirc won't see the signal by itself as it is a totally different EM spectrum range.


If you still think that Flirc can somehow help you achieve what you want please describe in more details how you would want to use it in your system. We will see if there is even a slight possibility that it would work.

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