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Almost every button already exists


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Hello forum,


I just received a Flirc, that a bought from a local dealer.

I tried to learn some basic keys, but it seems only the first one or two buttons are learned. When I go on, it always shows me "button already exists".


I tried several different remote controls (Nokia dbox, Pace Satellite receiver, Sony VCR....) and every time the same result.

It looks, as if flirc cannot seperate the commands from each other. I played around with the advanced settings and the delay, does not make any difference.

If I manage to learn two buttons, and later press the remote buttons, it seems as if they are working randomly.

For example if I manage to learn the "up" key, sometimes it highlights "down", then "enter" etc


any ideas?




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when i got it, i installed v3.5 and this is what it shows in the flirc gui.

I reinstalled the FW once again, but same result. Clearing the settings did not help either :(


edit: I borrowed a ancient chinese DVD remote from a neighbour (brand is called "amoisonic") and this seems to work.

but strangely not with the known brands around my flat.

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I have the same issue.  I have not found a remote in my house that can be completely programmed without running into the "Button Already Exists" error. All of these remotes, I cannot even program pass the basics control.  i.e. Up, Left, Down, Right, Enter, Back.  Most of the time Up/Down keys and Enter/Back keys collide.


I have tried Comcast remote, HP TSGH-IR02, and even an IR Blaster App on my HTC One (M7).


Do I have a defective unit, or just crappy remotes in my house?

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