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Has anyone got the Inteset INT-422 to work correctly with Flirc? I have left the devices set to the default programming but can't seem to get the keys to program correctly through the GUI. I remember reading some other posts recently that suggested programming a remote as some other device, but I can't recall what device. My thought is perhaps the pre-programmed devices aren't set up well for enable all of the buttons. For example if I try to program the stop button, nothing happens. I also already tried disabling built-in profiles in Flirc.

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So this message is rather cold.  Well, if you're still out there, I just got the Inteset 422.   Try remote code set 01877.   All of the buttons respond.   Not sure if some buttons send duplicate codes.  

BTW,  Nice choice of remote.   Excellent backlighting.

Thanks the remote code 01877 works great, the only problem is that the |<-- and the o buttons are somehow conected because when pressed they do the same (take the last recorded key)

e.g: if I map "," to |<-- button and then "o" to the o button to use in Kodi, when pressed each of them will send "o" to Kodi.


I'll test other codes for Samsung TV and DirectTV, if I find a better code then I'll come back and post it up in here.

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Any update on what device code to use that does not have duplicate buttons?  I also am trying to get this remote working with Kodi and notice that <--| and |--> are duplicates.  Also pressing right has some major delays, I don't think it's the remote cause it works fine when using with my tv, but with Flirc it's flakey.

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