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Stop Flirc picking up non commands when not using XBMC ?


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Hi all,


I have a real newbie question ....


I XBMC running on an "always on" Raspberry Pi connected to my TV's HDMI2 socket.


I plan to use the TV's remote, via Flirc, to control XBMC but how do I stop Flirc receiving signals, when I am watching TV, and then passing them to XBMC ? For example, suppose I 'link' the channel up button on the remote to be 'page up' in XBMC ... how do I stop Flirc from sending the 'page up' command to XBMC when I change channels when watching TV ?





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Unfortunately this is not possible - at least not with a Flirc alone.


First of all how would you want the RPi to detect when it should not accept commands from Flirc? By detecting if the HDMI2 is currently selected or not (I don't even know if this is possible)? Or by pressing some button on the remote to toggle the Flirc input?


You need to describe how it should work in more details.

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I am beginning to think that this won't be possible but ideally ... the TV remote controls both XBMC and the TV so that, for example, when watching TV the 'channel up' button does channel up but when watching XBMC it does 'page up' on XBMC.


In another room I have exactly the same setup controlled by a Harmony remote which all works fine but I am starting to think this is because a Harmony has activity buttons like "Watch TV" and "Watch XBMC"; activities can 'share' the same buttons on the remote but there is 'mapping' functionality which says for "Watch TV" the channel up button is sent to the TV's IR sensor but for "Watch XBMC" it is sent to the XBMC's IR sensor


It sounds like I would need a Flirc AND a Harmony remote to do what I want

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Yes, a Harmony or some other universal remote capable of similar functionality is the easiest way of achieving what you've described.


There were threads on the forum where some users had been trying to do this (using a TV remote control) and there are solutions described but they are Windows specific (based on AutoHotKey if I remember correctly). I think it may be possible to achieve this on the RPi but I don't know it's worth the time spent making it work and then on the fine tuning.

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