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Getting my TV, Flirc and Harmony remote to play nice.


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So I picked up a Flirc and a Harmony 350 to go with my new PHT build, I was looking to get the harmony remote to be able to basically control the tv volume and input channel.


However when used the two suggested methods for setting up the flirc (random panasonic TV and normal flirc) on the harmony software, but when I used the remote to navigate the PHT UI it would randomly open TV channel inputs and make the UI not usable.  (I had my TV as a device on the remote also) 


So i've went back to just have my normal TV remote for changing inputs and volume and the harmony remote just for PHT. 


Is there something I done wrong, because I would really love to just have the harmony remote for both. 

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You're using the TV remote to control the tv and the harmony remote to control PHT?


Or is the harmony programmed for both (one profile for tv and a different profile for Flirc?)

Yes as I couldn't get the harmony remote to control both without them conflicting. 


I would like to use the harmony remote for both but up until now I haven't manged to figure out how. 

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Chris!, on 05 Feb 2015 - 19:55, said:snapback.png

Yes as I couldn't get the harmony remote to control both without them conflicting. 

Which one? 

(I'm going to assume the latter)


If you program the harmony TV profile to your TV (e.g. samsung), then program another device onto the harmony as per our help article (either a different tv brand or Flirc profile.


In the harmony settings you can click on the buttons in one profile and tell it to use another profile for those buttons.


Your using the flirc profile on your harmony, but when you press the volume it uses the TV profile


Or am I missing something from your issue?

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Ok, I didn't do anything fancy but hopefully it helps.


forgot to mention to sync the settings too


(I did this quickly in bed, my voice sounds weird though on this video)

I don't get the set-up option I only have un-assign in the top right, no left/right click actions or anything if i hover over the buttons.

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