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Fire TV gui programming not getting the "back" or "return" key to work


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I can get every button on the firetv remote trained to my remote except for the back or move back one step button which on the firetv is just to the left of the home button. 


I've tried on a second remote and same outcome.


Any suggestions?


p.s.  plugged full keyboard into firetv and the esc key mimics the back key on the firetv remote.  so using full keyboard gui of flirc i programmed a remote key to be the esc key.  now i can get the go back a step function of the firetv remote.  so leads me to believe that the firetv gui just needs that back key to be reprogrammed to be "esc".

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I have the same issue.  I used the GUI to program my Harmony One remote using the FireTV controller option.  All of the keys mapped except for the back button.  Interestingly, when I push the back button on the Harmony One remote when programming, Windows 8 also toggles to the main touch screen menu.  When I toggle back to the Desktop, Flirc does say it recorded the key.  Any ideas how to get this one key to work?

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Same issue here.  No matter what external key I try to map to the back button for the FireTV remote, Windows acts as though it has received a request to pull up the Start menu.  It is as if the FLIRC is being seen by the system as an IR receiver when trying to update the back button.  I think it just never updates the FLIRC with the appropriate remote code because Windows is stealing focus to open the start menu.  However, as with bwadd's system, FLIRC says it recorded the key.  Perhaps it recorded a small subset of the IR code before Windows stole focus.


I did not have this issue with an earlier version of FLIRC.  I'm going to see if I can locate the old binary for that and see if I can get this working.

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I made it work by mapping a different IR code to the back button.  Apparently some IR codes cause that behavior in Windows (opening the start menu) while others do not.  I found one that didn't (happened to be the number 3 key on a Sony Blu-ray remote), and then it was able to map that to the back button for the Fire TV.

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sorry to bump an old post but just picked up a Flirc and really struggling with programming the return key on my harmony one for Fire TV.

all the other keys work great.

on Windows 10, my start menu doesn't open as mentioned, pressing the 'return' button just isn't recognized.

i tried a few of the above fixes but no luck so far


also, is there a way to get the 'out of box' configuration back on the Flirc?

thanks for any tips




noticed the 'exit' key on the harmony one is performing the 'return' key function without me doing anything, this is good enough!

thanks anyways, quite enjoying this Flirc device



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