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Long Key Presses?


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I am using a Xbox 360 Media Remote with the latest FLIRC firmware to control OpenELEC (4.2 I think?), and I have the keypad programmed to control everything I need with one slight issue. If I press the Up, Left, Down, Right keys, I'm able to scroll through titles and menus one by one, and If I hold any of those keys, I am still scrolling one by one, which is really tedious. What I'm looking to achieve is the ability to hold any of the direction keys and be able to scroll faster through titles and menus. I'm not sure what the exact terminology is for that, but I did see an entry in the support section from a year ago mentioning Long Key Presses, which I'm assuming is or close enough to what I'm looking for. After Googling around, I saw a beta firmware to implement that, but that was from a few years ago.


Has this already been rolled into the most current firmware, and if so, how would I program my remote to do that?

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It should just work out of the box. I've just tried it on a TV remote I had next to me and it worked straight away.


The most common reason for it not working is the remote doesn't continuously send signals when the button is held down... I've forgotten if that's the case with the Xbox 360 media remote. Maybe try another remote just to check this?


If i've misunderstood and it is repeating but very slowly then you can ajust the inter key delay in the advanced settings in the Flirc GUI

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I just tried is with a Yamaha AVR remote and I can confirm that it scrolls the way I'm looking for. I changed back to my Xbox 360 media remote and started changing the inter key delay like you suggested, and on 0 I can get it to scroll faster than before, but it's still not as fast as using a real keyboard (or the Yamaha AVR remote I tried).


Edit: Actually I just tried changing the inter key delay to a higher number instead of lower one, at about 5 is when it'll start behaving like I want when holding any of the keys, it'll start moving slowly for one title, then it'll start scrolling fast like I want. Thanks for the help!

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