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Receiver large enough for emitter


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Just wondering, bought the FLIRC mostly because its a cool idea/device and I like to support cool ideas/devices. Even though my current remote solution works well, I can see the ease of having a programmable receiver that has such broad applications.

Wondering, is the IR receiver on FLIRC large/flat enough to attach an IR emitter? They are generally the size of an end of a pencil/pen (1/8-1/4 inch maybe???) and suck on with double sided tape.

Just for reference I use an RF remote which sends RF signals that go to an RF receiver (through walls and such). The RF receiver has multiple corded IR emitters, each going to an IR device (TV, Stereo, etc).

The RF receiver, converts the signal to IR and sends it through to all emitters (It can be programmed to send signals to specific emitters but I am lazy:). The emitters then essentially mimic a remote by sending IR signal to the device.

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That's an interesting idea. The Flirc (not counting the metal part that goes into the USB port) is about 1" x 3/4". One side is completely smooth, the other side has a raised Flirc logo that takes up about half the surface. Each side is slightly convex, so that's something to consider. Double sided tape should stick to it just fine, and I think it's big enough for what you're describing, but the outside sticky surface won't be completely flat.

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