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I am a new user as of dec 2014. I am on windows 7 64 bit

 I have had nothing but trouble programming keys and erasing previous codes etc.

I now find that my flirc device has very poor sensitivity. I have to point my remote control directly at it before it will pickup anything.

I have tried numerous good remotes I have which I know have excellent power and the flirc will not receive a signal unless I point the remote directly at it.

any advice would be appreciated.



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When you record keys please record them either from a larger distance (1-2 meters or 3-6 feet) or point the remote at the ceiling instead of directly at Flirc (so Flirc will catch reflected signal). Flirc's receiver is very sensitive and it's easy to overdrive the signal: when it's too strong it will be distorted and won't work very well.

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Thank you, I tried this. it did not help at all. If I bounce off the ceiling or any other direction I get nothing. If I aim the remote directly at the flirc I can program and that is all. maybe this unit is defective. I bought two at once, the 2nd is multi states away from me, given away as a present, so I cant test with that.

I am not sure even how I could return it when two were sent to me in one order.


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@yawor: Was the solution you suggested for when a user is experiencing poor Flirc sensitivity?


I'm trying to expand Flirc's "troubleshooting keypresses" section of zendesk help articles: https://flirc.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/sections/200669959-Troubleshooting-Keypresses


This was originally found out and suggested by Jason. There is a big chance, that when pointing a remote directly at Flirc from small distance when recording, the signal received by Flirc is distorted because it is too strong for receiver signal range - something like an overdrive effect for electric guitar. Because of the distortion Flirc stores different value for this signal than it would when operated from a normal distance (couple of meters usually) when the signal is received correctly. The solution is to record the signal from a greater distance or not to point the remote in the direction of the Flirc but at a wall or ceiling where the signal will bounce and return to the Flirc. In my opinion the best solution is to record buttons from the location where the remote will be used in normal operation so there are almost no variations to the signal.

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