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Harmony 900 - Just cant get it right


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I have had a harmony 900 and a Flirc for over a year and have never got button delays/intervals quiet right or “wife friendly”. I wonder if someone would mind taking a look and seeing if there is anything glaringly obvious for me to try.

I have the following setup:

Mac Mini: 10.8.5
Flirc v1.3.0 with latest firmware 3.3
XBMC - 14.0 Helix RC3 (I have a keymap file for specific buttons/actions)
Physically: I have the Flirc USB connected to the mac mini via a USB extension cable which is about 6 inches long and sits under my TV.

Harmony settings:
Samsung TV profile as recommended in forums
Troubleshoot - responds to some commands either too many times or only occasionally: 0
Waiting time: 0ms

Flirc config settings:
inter key delay: 6
sleep detection: disabled
noise canceller: disabled
built in profiles: disabled
sequence modifiers: disabled
Profile - Full keyboard

XBMC settings:
Apple Remote: Universal Remote
Sequence delay time: 0 ms

The actual problem is if i increase interval time in the Flirc settings to 6 for example the button click responses are much slower which is not good but if I hold a direction button down to scroll through a list quickly, the scroll works as expected. If I decrease the interval then the remote is much more responsive but the scrolling is allot slower (pretty un-usable). I can’t seem to find a setting which makes the remote nice and quick but also scrolls quickly when held down. I also notice that sometimes button pushes need to be held down for a fraction longer than you would expect to register as a button push. I guess there are 3 different places I can control time delays and that is confusing me somewhat.


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