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[XBMC] Harmony Mac Mini XBMC Setup


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Can someone write up a tutorial on how to setup a harmony to work with XBMC running of a new Mac mini. Or maybe a video tutorial?

I love XBMC and its connected to my HDTV but controlling it with a keyboard is so lame.

Thanks so much

P.s. First time on any type of forum, forgive me if i break any forum etiquette

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Hi adamraz, Welcome to your first forum (glad you chose flirc forum!)),

I'll write up a proper step by step at some point but for now i'll write a basic one. I'm assuming you're using FLIRC with your MacMini:

1) Program another device on your harmony remote as a TV (not the same make as the TV you're using)

So your remote has 2 tv profiles. One for your TV, one for Flirc

(see this post for further explaination)

2) Set-up Flirc

plug flirc into a computer then using the flirc gui (http://www.flirc.tv/downloads/) switch to keyboard layout (in the menu at the top of your screen: controllers ---> Full Keyboard)

then program each button on your remote to the correct letter xbmc uses (http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Keyboard)

e.g. program "ok" on your remote to "enter" on flirc's virtual keyboard which would result in xbmc receiving "select"

Repeat this step for all the buttons on your remote

3) Close the one-time set-up software then plug flirc into any computer that works with usb keyboards (virtually every computer) and you have a working remote.

(Note you don't have to install the flirc software on every computer - just the one you want to program Flirc with)

4) Post back here with your experiences!

Hope the above is helpful,


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