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Programming a multiple key sequence


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Hi all,


I'm wondering if it's possible to use Flirc to type a lengthy key sequence (a 72 "letter" sentence) with one remote button press.  My objective is to emulate a special factory service remote button.  


A keyboard attached to the TV appears to enable me to do everything I can with the remote control, so it seems feasible that if Flirc can be programmed to send an arbitrary sequence of HEX codes to the TV, I should be able to emulate the factory service remote's special keys.  Converting the HEX codes to ASCII reveals the lengthy sequence I want to emulate has several non-alphabetic characters, so I can't simply use the keyboard to do this job, and am hoping I can use Flirc instead.


Your help is appreciated!

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First of all Flirc doesn't support key sequences. But I also see a problem with your approach. I don't think that you could do this even if Flirc supported sequences. Flirc is sending HID key codes compatible with HID keyboard standards. You can't just send any arbitrary data. So unless you are actually able to execute functions you want using standard keyboard you won't be able to do this using Flirc.


I think that you can do everything with keyboard what you can do with a standard remote is because TV's firmware supports a keymap which maps keyboard keys to TV functions. If there are no special/factory functions included in the keymap then you can't execute them using HID keyboard/Flirc.

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