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Help Needed! Flirc & Harmony Smart Remote


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Hey guys,


I'm somewhat new to both flirc and the harmony smart remote.  I am trying to connect the remote to my PC to control XBMC/KODI.  I've gotten Flirc to work perfectly with any old remote (as advertised!).  However, when I try to connect my Harmony remote, I get nothing.  I feel like I'm missing something really dumb.  Here are the steps I'm taking:


1) In the myHarmony app, connect a new device - Manufacturer: Flirc, Model: XBMC

2)Create a new activity with the Flirc device and my receiver.  Once synced, I enter the button assigned to that activity.


This is when I attempted to control XBMC, but no luck.  I checked the activty - button configurations, and it looks like the majority of the buttons are set-up.


I then thought I may have to assign the buttons in the Flirc app, but the app doesn't respond to any buttons I hit on the remote.


So...what am I doing wrong?  Any suggestions? 



EDIT:  Think I figured it out.  My Media PC is too far away from the IR blaster!

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