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How to map "Fn" + key?


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Hi. Why would you do that? Do you want to simulate some function from your hardware keyboard where you have Fn key to modify function key functions? That won't work. The Fn key is probably not even a system-visible modifier. It probably changes mode in hardware keyboard controller so when you press F4 key with Fn then the controller sends different data to the system.

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Trying to get stop, FF, RW, and play to work with a device called Mohu Channels that uses a proprietary god-awful remote.  Fortunately, a USB keyboard does work with the device.   I've had some success mapping most of the functions to my Harmony One and flirc, and found out through trying all keyboard combos with the hard-wired keyboard that Fn+F4 does play, Fn+F5 is stop, Fn+F8 is RW, and Fn+F9 is FF.  


So I'm trying to map these 4 keys to my Harmony One and flirc.

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Do the other media keys (like play, pause, ff etc) work for you?


Is there a second set of symbols on the F1-F12 keys (possibly in another color) on your keyboard that can be accessed using the Fn key? Keyboards with Fn key usually have those. If yes then can you describe the symbols on the F8 and F9 keys? Or maybe make a photo? In my opinion the keyboard is sending some other media (or consumer) keys when pressing those keys with Fn. Maybe the symbols (if there are any) will point which keys they are.


If there are no secondary symbols on F1-F12 keys then you need to do some work on your own to find out what code needs to be sent. You can use the same technique I've described recently for finding keys for Android TV device. Read this thread  just don't worry about Android stuff. You need to use the method with recording consecutive key codes for each remote button and then test it on the device.

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yeah - the Fn + F4, F5, etc.  have the secondary functions for play, stop, FF, and RW in orange - matching the orange function key.   That's how I figured out I need to hit both to do the corresponding function.


If Flirc can't map codes for function keys thru the GUI I guess I'll have to do the Android TV method.


I appreciate your help on this!

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