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FLIRC USB seems dead


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I have had a FLIRC USB (v2) for years. Today it stopped responding for no apparent reason. I swapped in a FLIRC USB (v1) that I also have, and that is working fine. So it's not the computer's USB side of things. The machine it's plugged into is a MythTV frontend that does not install any updates, so there hasn't been a firmware update. And it stays powered on 24/7 - it hasn't been rebooted.

I took the unresponsive FLIRC to my laptop to see if the FLIRC configuration utility could do anything, but it just says "disconnected".

Running FLIRC_UTIL says "device disconnected, can't run command".

Looking in Windows Device Manager, it doesn't show up at all as a device when plugged in.

So I guess it's just spontaneously died. But before I buy a new one, is there anything else I can try?

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I have the same exact issue.  My FLIRC V2 has been working without issue, I unplugged it and plugged it back in and now it's saying disconnected.  I moved it to two other Win 11 PCs with the same results.  I also used a Mac to see if a UNIX based OS would see it.  No luck.  Very strange.  Your issue on Feb 15th and mine on March 1st.

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Thanks for your follow-up.

I didn't unplug and replug my FLIRC. It was permanently plugged in to the MythTV frontend (a Linux Mint machine) and it just stopped working one day.

Since I didn't get any suggestions for other things to try, I just assumed it was dead and bought a new one, which is working just fine.

FYI: I found that The Pi Hut appear to sell it for less than everyone else. £19 from Pi Hut, typically £30 on Amazon, Ebay, etc. (I'm in the UK).


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