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FLIRC + Remote of Asus My Cinema P7131-Hybrid does


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I am trying to use flirc, with my "old" remote that i have got with my PC Asus My Cinema P7131-Hybrid, (i do not have the models of the remote for the moment, but will post it).

In fact, the problem, is that the when i press a touch, it does not works a lot of time, i have to press it a long time. I know that it is not the flirc problem as i have tested it before with an other remote (not mine) and works gread, so it's related with this remote.

In fact if i press "short" on the button (so a normal press) it does not get it, i have to press it long or to press it a lot of time (and will get it twice sometime). 


Does it mean something to someone?

If i have to buy a remote, does this one works great? 



Thank's a lot. :)

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I see that this is a remote for a TV tuner card. I don't have any experience with using such remotes (I haven't had a TV card for a long time now) but they may use some unusual protocol making it hard for Flirc to work with.


As for the new remote, OFA remotes are very nice and very configurable. There is even a whole community around those remotes on http://hifi-remote.com/forums where you can download an application to configure the remote from PC. I don't know how good is the remote you posted link to. You would need to search it on the forum.


If you live in Europe I would suggest another OFA remote: URC-6440 (or One For All Simple 4). It's one of the newest the company made. It has button backlight and can be connected to computer using USB cable. It supports up to 4 devices by default, but we already have an extender (customized firmware) for it allowing up to 8 devices and an ability to shift any key (so you can attach two different functions for each key). I'm using it with my Flirc and it works great.




BTW have you checked batteries in the TV card remote?

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Hello, thank you for your fast answer. :)

The battery of the remote are new. 


In fact, it works, but not always, and i have to press it a long time, it's like the time to get the key for the flirc is to fast, or something like that. 


I have tested with CGV tuner TNT remote, and it works like a charm, but i don t know why with this remote it's not the same. Perhaps it's related to the remote it self. 


In fact for the remote, i do not need a "big" remote, i use simple fonction to control a mythtv computer or a vdr computer, so i do not need 4 device, or something like that. ;) 
I was just looking for a "simple" working remote and found this one in the market where i buy online so, i was wondering if it works great or not with flirc. :)

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It may be using a similar protocol to MediaCenter remotes. The protocol in those remotes uses code cycling for each key so every key can have multiple codes that are cycled on each key press. There is a way for this remotes to work with Flirc. You need to record each button multiple times. For example if you want to record left arrow then you press on it in GUI and then the left arrow button on the remote and then you repeat it until you get error message that the key is already recorded. You need to do this for every button you want to map in Flirc.


Also Jason recently discovered that you should not record buttons by pointing remote directly on Flirc from near distance. The remote should be at least 1 meter (about 3 feets) away from the Flirc and you can point it at the ceiling (Flirc will get a bounced signal). The thing is Flirc is very sensitive and if you record from very small distance then the signal is too strong and may be interpreted in a wrong way making problems with correctly recognizing it later.


Let me know if anything has improved if you use these tips.


As for the remote you linked to - I think that there should be no problem as this is an universal remote and you can select from multitude of remote configurations. The best way to utilize an universal remote is to use a code for TV receiver. It is known to work well with LG, Panasonic and Samsung codes for TV receivers so you just need to choose one which is different from your own TV.

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I am not sure that it is a "cycled" related problem. In fact, i have tested to press a lot of time the same button, and it seems that it's more the time i press the button then a cycle. 

I will test again, but if i remember well, if i try to assign the same button twice, it will detect it as already asign or will detect nothing. 


But i will test it more to be sure.

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I have tested, it's not a cycled problem. The problem is that i sometime it get the signal sometime not. I do not know why. Some time i press a key, and it get it imediatly, some time i have to press it 2 or 3 times, or to push it a time. 


The model is "PC-39"  i do not found any more information. I will take the remote urc-3940-slim it would be better.

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Hello, i have got my new remote. So it's the model that i talk before.

So every thing seems to work, but i just lack to find a good code for the remote. I have tried some samsung or sony, it works, but i do not know what code i could use to have all the button of the remote.

For exemple if i shoose 10644 from samsung i do not have the "stop" button of the remote (perhaps this model does not have one...) 

So is there any information to find a code that will permit to use all the key of the remote?

(sony is nearly ok, but i do not have the Epg touch)


EDIT/ the LG 11873 seems to do the job, i have got all they of the remote.

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For future reference the best codes are the ones for TV receivers, especially for newer models. Those usually have all the remote buttons mapped to something in the receiver. I'm using code for Samsung TV in my URC-6440. I could read what is the exact code from the remote but it won't be compatible with your remote.

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My bad, i have got one key that could not be assign, flirc get it like an other! It's backword that is seen like play :'(


I have to choose an other but it's really difficult to find one with no idea of witch one got all the key.


I try the samsung 12051.

Edit: same pb, stop and backward are the same for flirc. :(

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I don't know how advanced is the firmware in this remote but you can usually change button to function assignment in URC/OFA remotes using special 9xx codes: http://www.hifi-remote.com/wiki/index.php?title=Manual_Programming_-_9xx_Commands


Look for the Key Mover. It is operated by using code 994. It has multiple uses but the one you should be interested in now is this http://www.hifi-remote.com/wiki/index.php?title=Program_Effective_Function_Code_(EFC)_for_a_single_device


I can't tell you which code you should use. You need to find one yourself by starting for example with 001 (or 00001 in case your remote requires 5-digit EFC) and go up to 255 (or 00255 - you don't need to go higher, it repeats the same codes again).


So if you want to reprogram a Play button then you do:

  1. TAP a TV button
  2. PRESS and HOLD the MAGIC button until the LED flashes twice, then RELEASE.
  3. TAP 9 - 9 - 4.
  4. TAP the MAGIC button
  5. TYPE the 3 or 5 digit EFC code (for example 0-0-1 or 0-0-0-0-1)
  6. TAP the Play button


There is a risk that the remote doesn't support Key Mover, then it will just ignore the 994 code. You need to try which EFC code is not duplicating other keys. Every key in the default config has some EFC code. You should not have any problem finding one that is not already on the other buttons as you only has 30 something buttons and there are 255 EFC codes in total for a selected device.

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