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  1. Ok thank's i will mentionned all my problems. :) As i have said in an other thread, i have got a "little" bug with the linux gui. I will report all. :) Perhapps a bug tracker could be better to notice you some pb?
  2. In fact, if graphical key, is too much work, why don't you do the inverse? Ask to press a keyboard key (from the real keyboard) and then press a remote key? You will have all the possibility. :) In fact, the problem is that nothing says for the customer that for non qwerty keyboard it could be difficult. (it was not for me, but if you want to touch all the people even "newbe" it's a big point). And this point should be mentionnend before buying it. As i said, it's not this point that lock me, i am ok with Flirc, i succed to do what i wan t but some could be disapointed if they where thinking that would be easy.
  3. Hello, thank's that what i have done yesterday and it works, but it's not enouth because it lack some key. For exemple in azerty keyboard, "m" is after "l" so i have done that and it works. But after "m" you have got two key "ù" and "*" that you do not have in your representation. (if i am not wrong) It's not possible to add an azerty representation? :) I fact for me for the moment i succed to do like you says but, for a commercial product it's a bad point. ;)
  4. Hello, i have got pb to configure the key from the interface. The keyboard is in qwerty, that would not be a problem normaly, but there, when i choose "m" from the keyboard on the gui (so in qwerty), it do a "," when i press and not a m has have choosen. DO you have any idea? It's like when you use a qwerty keyboard with an azerty configuration. Could you had the design for azerty keyboard?
  5. YESSSSS i have found THE romote code.... I have tested the sony code, and the code 10650 works like a charm. All the key that i need could be used. :)
  6. Thank's, i am trying to test all the VCR remote, but it's not easy. I have found a philipps with witch i could map all, but with flirc i get it twice. :/ EDIT: it seems that it support key mover
  7. My bad, i have got one key that could not be assign, flirc get it like an other! It's backword that is seen like play :'( I have to choose an other but it's really difficult to find one with no idea of witch one got all the key. I try the samsung 12051. Edit: same pb, stop and backward are the same for flirc. :(
  8. Thank's in fact the LG 11873 does the job. It works like a charm with flirc, and i could map all the button of my remote. :)
  9. Hello, i have got my new remote. So it's the model that i talk before. So every thing seems to work, but i just lack to find a good code for the remote. I have tried some samsung or sony, it works, but i do not know what code i could use to have all the button of the remote. For exemple if i shoose 10644 from samsung i do not have the "stop" button of the remote (perhaps this model does not have one...) So is there any information to find a code that will permit to use all the key of the remote? (sony is nearly ok, but i do not have the Epg touch) EDIT/ the LG 11873 seems to do the job, i have got all they of the remote.
  10. No answer? Here is the strace log. log.txt
  11. I have tested, it's not a cycled problem. The problem is that i sometime it get the signal sometime not. I do not know why. Some time i press a key, and it get it imediatly, some time i have to press it 2 or 3 times, or to push it a time. The model is "PC-39" i do not found any more information. I will take the remote urc-3940-slim it would be better.
  12. I don't know why my message is not full... I was saying that after that, if i launch the application from the user, it crash, if i launch it with sudo it works. I could assign key etc. IF i roll back to the 1.2.6, i could launch it from user, but could not do anything as the firmware is to new. I have a got a log of strace from user if you want. I could post it. An if i do a flirc_cmd status it says that the previous update was not ok. But if fact it is already ok.
  13. I am not sure that it is a "cycled" related problem. In fact, i have tested to press a lot of time the same button, and it seems that it's more the time i press the button then a cycle. I will test again, but if i remember well, if i try to assign the same button twice, it will detect it as already asign or will detect nothing. But i will test it more to be sure.
  14. Hello, thank you for your fast answer. :) The battery of the remote are new. In fact, it works, but not always, and i have to press it a long time, it's like the time to get the key for the flirc is to fast, or something like that. I have tested with CGV tuner TNT remote, and it works like a charm, but i don t know why with this remote it's not the same. Perhaps it's related to the remote it self. In fact for the remote, i do not need a "big" remote, i use simple fonction to control a mythtv computer or a vdr computer, so i do not need 4 device, or something like that. ;) I was just looking for a "simple" working remote and found this one in the market where i buy online so, i was wondering if it works great or not with flirc. :)
  15. Hello, I am trying to use flirc, with my "old" remote that i have got with my PC Asus My Cinema P7131-Hybrid, (i do not have the models of the remote for the moment, but will post it). In fact, the problem, is that the when i press a touch, it does not works a lot of time, i have to press it a long time. I know that it is not the flirc problem as i have tested it before with an other remote (not mine) and works gread, so it's related with this remote. In fact if i press "short" on the button (so a normal press) it does not get it, i have to press it long or to press it a lot of time (and will get it twice sometime). Does it mean something to someone? If i have to buy a remote, does this one works great? http://www.oneforall-int.com/en_IN/product/200/urc-3940-slim-line-4 Thank's a lot. :)
  16. Hello, i have just bouth twice Flirc. So i have followed the information to install it on xubuntu 14.04 64 bit. And so i have got the version 1.2.9 . As i always put the last stable firmware, i have made an upgrade. The stick was on 2.1, and after the update it goes to 3.1 I have tested to asign key, and it works. After that i stop the application and do overthing. I wanted to add some keyboard key to the stick. I could not launch the application from the user, it says:
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