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After FW upgrade, cannot map more then 1 or 2 keys


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Last weekend, out of the blue Flirc started acting up after almost 6 months of no problems. When I hit keys on the remote my Windows 8.1 HTPC would register multiple presses, I guess this is called sticky keys. Well, I came to these forums and discovered the updated GUI and firmware update. I followed steps to firmware update to v 3.1. First time I tried it failed and I had to reinstall drivers using zadig. Since then I've done successful firmware updates but its been a troubleshooting nightmare.


Flirc GUI runs fine and sees my FLIRC connected. However, it reads any remote presses on the remote I had been using just fine for 6 months (SMK Link PS3 Bluetooth + universal remote) as duplicate presses. I have tried every combination of settings imagineable (turning on and off built-in profiles, noise canceller, playing with Inter-key delay, etc.). I also plugged FLIRC into a different PC, Windows 7, installed GUI 1.2.9 from scratch and tried all the above steps on this other PC. Same problems.


Prior to using this remote with Flirc I used an old Verizon FIOS set top box remote. So I took this remote and tried to program FLIRC. The same issue is occuring with both remotes. I tried changing remote profile on the universal remote, same issues each time: I start trying to map keys but FLIRC can only map 1 or 2 keys before it starts throwing me "Button Already Exists" error message. For example, if I try to map keyboard keys "1", "2", and "3" to my remote, by the time I reach "3" i get the "button already exists" error. When I press "3" on the remote FLIRC GUI keyboard lights up on either the 1 or 2 keys.


Did I brick my flirc with the firmware update issues? I've been pouring over forums looking for solutions. If I have to i will buy another flirc as this is integral to my current HTPC setup. But I'm afraid that if I purchase a new one that new flirc will have the same problems. Please help.


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