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Xbox One Media remote & FLIRC


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Good Day fellow Flircers


Recently bought my first Flirc, tested with some old DVD remote and seems to be working fine.

Released with FW version 2.0 and i updated it to 3.1 via the menu ( not too sure if that was the best move !?  :unsure:  since i read some post claiming it to have quite some bugs and "key delay" issues.

Anyways searching for an accompanying Media Centre remote to use in conjunction with it, was searching around a bit and saw the new Xbox One Media remote that looks pretty neat and decent.

Just wondering will it be compatible with FLIRC and XMBC ?


Anyone that has the remote and setup running XMBC that runs it that can comment and give there 2c and review on the above or recommend a good remote to use, that is not overly expensive ?


Thanks for reading, and thanks in advance.


Peace  :)




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I've been using the 'official' Xbox One Media remote for some time and it works perfectly with FLIRC. With just one caveat: FLIRC receives double-presses if the line of sight is too clear. Obscure your FLIRC behind the TV and everything is fine.


However, I've found that the knock-off xbox remotes (see the planet-sized image below) work even better. With no double-commands or other irritants. And they are 1/3 to 1/4 of the price.


Hope this helps.



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Very nice!  Are there any brick and mortar stores you can pick up one of those knock off remotes?  Id rather not order online if I don't have too.  I may try out something like that or even just grab an xbox one remote since I have a best buy gift card that would cover the 25 dollar cost.  Also can you control the volume of any tv or av receiver with this remote?  If not maybe I'm better off with an actual universal remote.

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I don't live in the USA so I've no idea if it'd be available on your high street. Though as these are counterfeit copies I think it's probably unlikely they'll be on the shelves at Best Buy. I imagine your only realistic option is either Amazon or ebay. Both links take you directly to the product. And it might be best to ignore the negative reviews on Amazon: they're only relevant to its performance with an XBOX.


I can't say if the remote will control your TV's or receiver's volume as I have no idea what's on the other end of your FLIRC. Mine is attached to a Cubox-i and is controlling OpenElec. The Cubox-i and the TV provide CEC through the HDMI, so I can and do control the volume with this remote. That's all I can say for certain.


Hope this helps.

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