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This may, or may not, be appropriate in this branch of the forum, but since it involves a potentially "breaking" change, "beta" seems like the correct place!

I have a DirecTV Genie box that I was having difficulty controlling with the Skip - no play/pause toggle function.

I discovered that changing the Skip play/pause button from the default "play" to "pause" enabled a toggling function on the receiver. Problem solved. I'd posit that this is a better out-of-the-box setting than just "play". It may, however, have a negative impact on users who have created workarounds.

Rolling it out with a beta seems like a potentially good idea, but I'm not even sure if that's how the app gets it's DB; s it embedded in the code, or pulled down after the fact?.

Just trying to help getting this nifty device to "be all it can be" :-)

Keep up the good work!


BTW - here's the thread I brought it up in.




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