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  1. ...and NOW I see the device DB forum... D'oh!
  2. This may, or may not, be appropriate in this branch of the forum, but since it involves a potentially "breaking" change, "beta" seems like the correct place! I have a DirecTV Genie box that I was having difficulty controlling with the Skip - no play/pause toggle function. I discovered that changing the Skip play/pause button from the default "play" to "pause" enabled a toggling function on the receiver. Problem solved. I'd posit that this is a better out-of-the-box setting than just "play". It may, however, have a negative impact on users who have created workarounds. Rolling it out with a beta seems like a potentially good idea, but I'm not even sure if that's how the app gets it's DB; s it embedded in the code, or pulled down after the fact?. Just trying to help getting this nifty device to "be all it can be" :-) Keep up the good work! BTW - here's the thread I brought it up in. https://forum.flirc.tv/index.php?/topic/12369-directv-playpause-toggle/
  3. @asybaNoodling with beta 4 with IR learning to try addressing this problem I made a discovery. It may apply to other devices also... worth a look. The default setup for DirecTV receivers in the database is for the play/pause button on the Skip to send a "Play" code. There is no "play/pause toggle" command that can be applied. I was going to try learning what my other remotes were sending as a toggle to get the required code, or if not successful apply "pause" to the stop button on the Skip. I noticed that as I was dinking with the other remote, trying to learn the codes, My TV was play/pause toggling when I was pressing the pause button on a remote I was trying to learn. Turns out that the "pause" command IS a toggle. Removing "play" and applying "pause" to the play/pause Skip button (rather than the default "play") makes the play/pause work as one might expect. Deep sigh of relief; It had been driving me, or more to the point my wife, crazy! Marital bliss restored - mostly!
  4. Hi All, II have a DirecTV Genie box. I'm not seeing a "play/pause" toggle button available, so pressing the play/pause button only sends "play". How do you guys play and pause your DirecTV?
  5. My issue was different and didn't require a return. The batteries were not making contact with the positive terminal in the battery slot. Pulling the center part of the "flat" positive terminal on the remote fixed this. BTW it must have been off by fractions of a mm - I wasn't even sure if I had changed the spring at all. Check this thread
  6. Using my highly accurate Harbor Freight digital calipers :-) The button on these duracels appears to be 1.0mm - if that's any help in any way?
  7. Just gave the right hand positive contact a little tweak to pull it out a touch. Not sure I can even see it with naked eye actually, but now it works without the "fix".
  8. Awesome! Let me see how I can do on a photo.... Try that. IMG_0585.heic
  9. I was going to try pulling the center out a little, but needed needle-nose to do it.... and I was watching a movie, so aluminum foil it was! Just got the remote a couple of days ago, super promising! My Harmony still works, but wanted to get off it ASAP. Tried the Sofabaton (U1) but it barely has the juice to reach my TV. Didn't fancy throwing another $50 at something (U2) that didn't really work like I wanted anyway. Nearly $200 for the X1 was a bit of a gamble, but came across the S1 in another forum. Glad I did! Now, if you can make a long press on the power button the "power off" and a short one "power on", I'll be REALLY happy :-)
  10. If you mean the negative terminals, pretty sure they are fine. Here's a photo. The positive terminals look completely flat however.. like a squished conical spring. IMG_0584.heic
  11. @jason And, BTW, it's great to actually work with folk who are close to the product/software development. Had a similar experience with an OPPO DVD player back in the day. Ended up talking with a guy who was actually writing the firmware... nothing like talking directly to the source (code) :-)
  12. Not my best work... but it fixed it :-)IMG_0583.heic
  13. I had a similar problem last night. I thought it was the "batteries lasting a day" problem, but fresh batteries didn't get the remote working. Found this thread but clearly, the negative contacts were touching the batteries correctly. I dug around and think I found the problem. The + terminal in the remote's battery slot is recessed. If the + button on the battery itself isn't long/deep enough, it won't make contact. I put some balled up aluminum foil in there to make the recess "less deep". Seems to have worked. There is a "spring" in the recess that may be able to be pulled out a little, but I didn't want to leave the couch to get any tools from the garage.... perhaps today! :-) Give it a shot!
  14. Think I may have just run into this too. Put the batteries in yesterday (brand new remote) and it was dead this afternoon. I'll try in again and report back.
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