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Trouble Capturing Remote SIgnals


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I had a working setup, but then I decided to be adventurous and try to update and see if that solved some of my sleep/wake issues.  Unfortunately, now my Flirc doesn't seem to work at all with the remote.  I can't remember what version I was on previously, but I've tried the 5 most recent RCs and they all seem to do the same thing.  When I record one key from the remote it seems to think that every button I push on that remote is the same signal.


I'm using the RCA RCRP05BR 5 Device Cable Replacement Universal Remote.  It worked fine to capture keys on the previous firmware, but now it isn't.  I've tested with another non-universal remote and it was able to capture properly off of that.  Anyone have any idea as to what could be going on?



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I'm not sure what is going on exactly but it could be picking up signal from another source.

Do you have a strong light source on? (something that has changed since you last programmed it). Or even a phone with an IR port or something?


If you can, maybe try other room. You could maybe try the noise canceller setting in file-->advanced settings (in the flirc gui)


Let us know how you get on

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