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Window Media Center Keys ? My GUI/Firmware


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I see in the GUI release there is a 1.2.7 RC12.


My Question,  I currently have the following.


Firmware Version 3.0

GUI  1.2.7 +based on qt 4.8.0  is this a RC release of 4.8 set? If it is I am way behind in releases?

See attached file.


Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit   Windows Media Center for OTA live DVR function, Xbmc for streaming.


I am having difficulty with Window Media Center keys, pause, stop, and the two options of fast forward, skip.  I have used the firmware and gui (listed above ) to try and program various remotes via the Windows Media Center mapping menu choice. I cannot get the pause and stop to work, and the fast forward.


So my basic question, do I need to download the GUI version 1.2.7 RC12 and give this a try??


I went to the advanced function to see what the firmware forced upgrade would tell me, and it indicated firmware release 3.0 which is the current which I have, so no need to do the firmware.


Flirc is less than two week old, new purchase.



Logitech K400 keyboard works without any problems(with dedicated ir receiver). Standard MCE rc6 remote also works with dedicated ir receiver. (both with WMC and XBMC)


My goal was to use a Dish remote , since I had several of these, model number 5.3ir 148784 which is a solid remote with large nice keys. Mapping with what release of gui and firmware i currently have,  works most of the items but the big ones I cannot get going is the stop pause fwd & fwd skip in wmc and xbmc.


I also tried mapping(pause,stop and others) to  optional keys such as skip,position,pip to see if it was specific key issue on remote, no go. I have used the erase key to make sure a specific key had  not already been used.


Suggestions comments all welcome.


Thanks in advance Bob




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GUI  1.2.7 +based on qt 4.8.0  is this a RC release of 4.8 set? If it is I am way behind in releases?

 I wouldn't worry about being on the absolute latest RC release.

However the software has the latest firmware for flirc built in so you'll have the correct firmware for the software.


And for those stumbling across this thread, OP managed to sort it out:



Update: I updated to 1.2.7 RC 12.

Working now with stop,pause,play, ff, skip.

Note: I did not have success with the Microsoft logo keyboard layout for these functions.

When I switched to the Media Keyboard and mapped the above keys, they worked. Also in advanced functions, I checked the sequence modifiers.

You can use the computer layout keyboard for other commands with success.

My Dish remotes work..big keys and labels are very visible.

Thanks Bob

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