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Flirc has a profile for firetv, I configured the return key, but when I use this in XBMC it responds differently then the return key on the official remote.

When playing a movie on xbmc and press return using the official remote, the movie closes. 

When playing a movie on xbmc and press return using the flirc remote, the movie keeps playing, but the xbmc launcher comes to the front.


It's a minor bug, but I just wanted to let you know that configuring flirc with the firetv profile isn't a 1/1 copy of the official remote. 

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I will second this with a bit more info. The back or return button seems to work once, sometimes twice but ultimately you may have to grab the original firetv remote to back out of certain screens like when the launcher menu bar is on top of media file being played. its almost like a toggle mode and not a back function when it gets stuck.



Amazon Firetv

XBMC/Kodi Beta 4 build

Flirc firmware 3.0 using firetv profile


Anything I can do to help let me know.


Other than this little hiccup its been the Flirc is the best $$ I have spend in a while.

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