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  1. Nope, as an easy fix I just wrapped an iron wire around it, no soldering at all, just need to make contact.
  2. I posted this at the bug section, but maybe I'm better off posting this here?
  3. If you can live with something that doesn't look great, see my post above on how I fixed this.
  4. I should have founded this topic earlier, I had the same problem and figured out on my self that it had to do with ground (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2731590&page=3) I posted it on XDA, I fixed it for now like this:
  5. Flirc has a profile for firetv, I configured the return key, but when I use this in XBMC it responds differently then the return key on the official remote. When playing a movie on xbmc and press return using the official remote, the movie closes. When playing a movie on xbmc and press return using the flirc remote, the movie keeps playing, but the xbmc launcher comes to the front. It's a minor bug, but I just wanted to let you know that configuring flirc with the firetv profile isn't a 1/1 copy of the official remote.
  6. yes I did, I use different key maps. I get the same problem if i pair up my dvd remote.
  7. I got my fire tv this week and tried it with flirc and harmony one. But when press left or right, it does respond, but it responds like the button is hold down.
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