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Activities don't make sense


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I have an appletv/ Sony TV/ Denon receiver/ Xbox

I set up on A the AppleTV/Sony TV/Denon.

I set up on B the TV/ Xbox/ Denon AVR

I added the input button on each activity button section.

"A" works as planned as long as I don't ever change an input.

"B" does nothing. I turn off everything on A and hit B and hit power..It turns on the TV nothing else. 

How do I set it up to switch inputs when I move to a different activity?

How do I set up be for the commands to get the AVR to switch to the correct input?



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You can't program macros on the activity buttons at this time. They only change the state of the remote, not your entertainment center. The developers have said they will may add this capability, but till then you will need put a macro on another button, such as one of the color button. You then have to press the activity button to set the remote to that activity, then press the button with the macro.


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