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help! no keyboard events next to my tv, but works when plugged in on my computer


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i'm going a bit mad here.

i have a completely working setup with a pi3, flirc usb, and tv remote that still works now. 

however, i recently upgraded to a pi4 - when i swap it the above setup, it no longer works.

here is the crazy bit though.  if i take the pi4 away from my tv, along with the remote, and plug it into my computer monitor in a different room, it works!  but of course, i want to sit on my couch and use the remote, so this is not a great situation.

what is going on here?  i'm using the exact same equipment except swapping the tv for the monitor.  both are hdmi - the tv is 4k, but the monitor 1080p.  

any tips on how i can debug this would be appreciated, or just the cure.

i've also tried swapping usb2/3 ports on the pi4, but that didn't help.  and i'm still stumped because things worked when plugged into the computer monitor, but not the tv!

thanks in advance!


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