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I am new to this whole XBMC thing so please bear with me.


I have an i5 HTPC box running Openelec and recently purchased Flirc so that I can use one of my existing remotes to control the box. Used the XBMC layout to pair the keys and everything seems fine, except for one super annoying thing... I can't find a way to evoke Add to Favorites menu when I find a channel or add-on that I would like to save in my favorites menu.


I am sure I am not the only one that ran across this issue.


I would greatly appreciate the response hopefully with detailed instructions. (if you're posting instructions please keep in mind that I am not very tech savvy)


Thank you



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Thank you for your response. One more quick question. I used XBMC layout to pair keys on my remote. Can I still use the C key from the full keyboard layout while other remote buttons are paired to XBMC layout? (I know, would have been faster for me to just try but I am at work so can't for the next few hours :)


Thanks in advance,



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You can use any layout at any time. This is only to make the mapping simpler for specific tasks like XBMC control. Basically the keyboard layout is the advanced one (+ the media keys one as keyboard layout doesn't have those buttons) and the rest is a subset with letters replaced by different icons. The layout itself is not saved into Flirc in any way.


You can test this by recording some buttons in XBMC layout, then switch to the keyboard layout and press buttons on the remote you recorded earlier. You will see that the keys on virtual keyboard are being highlighted.

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