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[Resolved] non Qwerty/US system key mapping


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Hi all,


I have a good advice for all non us working system.


Do not use the default (smallest) GUI but the full keyboard mode.

Then use a translated mapped key for your target system to record the key (tweak the qwerty map) and check that the correct key is mapped (in the full keyboard GUI)


Next you have to configure the same keyboard mapping (OpenElec fr/azerty for french example).


You'll have you're recorded key working fully and as expected !


Another advice is to use the Media Player mapping GUI for sound mute key (for mute on OpenElec/XBMC).

The xbmc mute key is mapped to "i" (which is"info", instead of "mute" which do not exist in xbmc) !



Recorded Keys:
Index  hash        key
-----  ---------   ---
    0  677AAD9B    up
    1  2A32099B    return
    2  90F9099B    left
    3  4E7E899B    right
    4  8BC72D9B    down
    5  5E3F9B    escape
    6  3825899B    backspace
    7  8C65AD9B    t
    8  C9552D9B    r
    9  32F3AD9B    f
   10  7081AD9B    i
   11  BEA1F79B    s
   12  5C72099B    c
   13  F7573F9B    tab
   14  F50C899B    6
   15  9A00099B    +
   17  FBEA9B9B    space
   18  C9F3AD9B    x
   19  4F19B9B    pageup
   20  329A899B    pagedown
   21  5901B9B    mute
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