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  1. This subject is still open. It is a RPi / IR / TV problem. Let me explain my latest results. I use an RPiB with the latest up to time version of OpenElec. It is controlled with an USB FLIRC plug and XBox IR Remote. I have some issues from the beginning of my tests, less with the FLIRC Firmware upgrade, but still some, sometimes. I have also an A/V Amplifier between the RPi and the TV. A/V is a Cambridge AZUR-351R recently bought and TV is a 42PFL9603H (2008). I have tested hardware possible issues by switching versions of differents model of power supply, HDMI cables, connecting directly to TV, powering from USB HUB, differents remotes same PowerSwitch source connection for all the peripherals (RPi, A/V, TV). I have tested all, or not so far all, differents conbinations of parameters from bootloader to OpenElec and XBMC. remote console logging give no intersting results. The only fact is, that the remote used to control the RPi is disturbed by the TV. If the TV is powerd ON, I may get double OpenElec click like issue with single click only on my IR remote. If I try to hide the TV IR sensor, or if I power OFF the TV (with the navigation sound activated in XBC to verify the issue because no TV for HTPC installation is not a very confortable solution...) then the click seems to be correct. I get some tries to switch to another ARM manufacturer solution, actually giving a chance to the OdroidC1, but this one has a great bug unresolved for now, HDMI Flicker/Drop of video signal and sometimes sound. But it is another adventure in the land of the ARM debugging life. So, I read a lot about IR issues and troubleshout. I search also about the HDMI troubleshout subjects. A lot of questions, from a long time, but no correct results nor valuable explanations. I discover that the Modern Flat Panel TV had an hidden advanced factory menu. Why am I not surprised ? I get into the Philips advanced parameters and choose to get a try of disabling CEC (2 parameters intially ON, advanced CEC and CEC, where modified to OFF). I get my OdroidC1 some tests, but still not verry successfull. Factory IR Remote of the C1 work out of the box, the OdroidC1 had an integrated IR sensor and the default keymap is XBMC. I get better results yesterday with switching video of the C1 to 720p. After some hours of TV watching without any problems I fell that I may get a workaround. But back to TV today, I get again some HDMI/VIDEO drops. I return back to the primary HTPC (the RPi with FLIRC) and get a try. If you have read all this long feedback report, then you may hope the end of the suspens. What ?! No more phatom key, no still pressed issue ? Is it a CEC issue (disabling it in the RPi in OpenElec is not of any help) ? I will give more tests and may complete (again) this post if needed. But obscoured, closed, hidden, code may have been responsible, again, of a huge lost of time, and not for me only I suppose. Hopes this may help anybody to, simply, watch his/her video and get a popcorn time been a pleasure ! Enjoy...
  2. Already tested but without great success... The version V3.3 help to suppress most of phantom keys. There are still some issue with still press key when waking up the RPi but this is mainly usable. Thanks...
  3. The next test/solution : use the FW V3.3 ! ;) Thanks
  4. I have to take some steps to have FLIRC working fine, without any keypress bug ! - Put my RPi and FLIRC under the TV table - Put a black scotch on the front of the IR of FLIRC - All are on a powered HUB Now it's okay, but It's not really explainable... Edited : Do not work for a long time ! :unsure:
  5. I try another (personnal) hack... will give feedback in few days if results stay correct !!! :wacko:
  6. Yet another try ? On RPi, with OpenElec, I just add to cmdline.txt the dwc_otg.fiq_fsm_enable=1 as https://github.com/OpenELEC/OpenELEC.tv/issues/3091 Now, after some rebots my remote still press normaly (without phantom and repeated key) Hope it is the good tip this time !?... :blink: Edited : Do Not Work !
  7. How do you explain that I got the repeated keys bug also with an RPi IR GPIO (not USB at all) !? It's not an FLIRC bug but a OpenElec / RPi / XBMC bug... I think it's something from CEC. And When I still have repeate keys with FLIRC, it's only from restart or awake, and for some few minutes only. Then all become usable and keypress is taken from normal remote press...
  8. Hello all, If you get sometimes phatoms or repeated key press from OpenElec try just to change your XBMC TV resolution to 60Hz instead of 50Hz ! For me this is the only permanent fix for getting Flirc usable with my RPi and my Phillips Full HD TV... Hope this will help. 6 monthes to find this tip ! Enjoy Edited : Do Not Work !
  9. Hi all, I have a good advice for all non us working system. Do not use the default (smallest) GUI but the full keyboard mode. Then use a translated mapped key for your target system to record the key (tweak the qwerty map) and check that the correct key is mapped (in the full keyboard GUI) Next you have to configure the same keyboard mapping (OpenElec fr/azerty for french example). You'll have you're recorded key working fully and as expected ! Another advice is to use the Media Player mapping GUI for sound mute key (for mute on OpenElec/XBMC). The xbmc mute key is mapped to "i" (which is"info", instead of "mute" which do not exist in xbmc) ! http://wiki.xbmc.org/?title=Keyboard_controls Recorded Keys: Index hash key ----- --------- --- 0 677AAD9B up 1 2A32099B return 2 90F9099B left 3 4E7E899B right 4 8BC72D9B down 5 5E3F9B escape 6 3825899B backspace 7 8C65AD9B t 8 C9552D9B r 9 32F3AD9B f 10 7081AD9B i 11 BEA1F79B s 12 5C72099B c 13 F7573F9B tab 14 F50C899B 6 15 9A00099B + 17 FBEA9B9B space 18 C9F3AD9B x 19 4F19B9B pageup 20 329A899B pagedown 21 5901B9B mute
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