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Kill XBMC.bin with Flirc on Lubuntu


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Hello, I've searched to try and find a way of mapping a button so that when and if xbmc freezes I can push this button and it runs killall -9 xbmc.bin. However what I have found doesn't seem to work. I am running xbmc as a desktop so it boots straight into it. I created a script which is just the command mentioned above and made it executable. When I'm on the desktop and run it, it works. but when I reboot and go to xbmc it will not work. Can someone who has done this can give a quick tutorial on how to make this work it be much appreciated.



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That would work, but defeat the purpose of what I actually need. I have xbmc starting as the desktop so once it feezes it has to be killed in order for it to restart, which it does automatically once killed. I can make it work if I run xbmc on the actual lubuntu desktop, but not if I run xbmc as the desktop. Thanks for the suggetion though :)

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