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Amazon Fire Tv + Sleep + Noise Canceler


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I have an amazon fire tv/flirc/harmony setup.  Using the panasonic tv profile I have remapped all of the buttons to exactly how I like them.  Though I have run into one small snag.  I used one of the buttons to program the media center sleep/suspend command and put the amazon fire tv to sleep.  With that button now programmed for sleep I setup the harmony remote to press that button when I press off to turn off all devices. It all works great and I love it.  Recently I have had the issue with repeated key presses on the remote.  If I enable the noise canceler in the advanced setup it goes away and that problem is solved.  But now with the noise canceler on, the harmony no longer puts the amazon to sleep.  If I go back and turn off the noise canceler, the fire tv goes to sleep when I press off on the harmony but I am stuck with the repeated key presses issue.  Is there any way to allow these to work hand in hand?



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